• Why use ASF Services?

Why use ASF Services?

  • We make sure patients and providers are on the same page with appointments and billing.
  • We take the guesswork out of client medical care. Our proprietary client portal keeps everyone up to date with your clients appointments, diagnosis and treatment.
  • We make sure your clients are making their appointments, getting treated and the doctors are getting paid.
  • Personalized attention. You will work with a case manager that knows your firm and knows your clients.

Who’s Managing your client?

A common issue in any Personal Injury case is balancing the needs of your client against the resources of your firm.

  • Who makes sure your client goes to the doctor?
  • Who makes sure the healthcare providers get paid?
  • Who collects the necessary medical records and treatment results?
  • Who pulls all of this information together for you to use in their case?

The only answer to these questions ………. ASF Services!

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