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Focus On Your Recovery

ASF Services is a national company helping personal injury victims access the medical care they need as part of their recovery. We work with thousands of personal injury attorneys and medical providers across the US.

Through these business relationships, patients receive medical services on a lien or letter of protection basis deferred until the resolution of your personal injury case.

  • Assess your general state of health
  • Check if you have an infection
  • See how well certain organs, such as the liver and kidneys, are working
  • Screen for certain genetic condition

Time is Money

ASF Services has over 20 years of experience in the workers comp industry. With our focus on diagnostics, our efforts are not divided. We have made it our mission to be superior in radiology management, rather than average in multiple services.

ASF Services recognizes the complexities of workers comp cases. We manage a network of diagnostic providers that understand that quality is the driving force to getting your claimant back to work. We tailor our services to create a win-win for both you and your injured worker.

We are the comprehensive solution in the management of diagnostic related procedures for the workers comp industry.  Our solutions are simple and customer driven. The results – improved outcomes, enhanced quality, and increased effeciency,

We are charting a new path in this industry, one paved by the needs of the work comp claims professionals required to navigate within it.  Our goal is to simplify your day.

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